Upcoming Releases - March

Granny's Got Talent
Dir: Shin Han-sol (The Art of Fighting, 2005)
Cast: Kim Soo-mi (Meet the In-Laws, 2010), Jeong Man-sik (Kundo: Age of the Rampant)
Production: The Pictures with a View
Distribution: Next Entertainment World (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2014-04-10 ~ 2014-06-09
Release Date: March 5
Genre: Comedy
Plot: A wilful grandmother takes part in national swearing battle competition.

Dir: Hong Seok-jae (1st Film)
Cast: Park Yo-han (Tinker Ticker, 2013), Lee Joo-seung (Shuttlecock, 2013)
Production: Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA)
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2013-10-18 ~ 2014-01-06
Release Date: March 12
Genre: Drama-Thriller
Plot: A group of youths seek to out a internet user making fun a military recruit's suicide but when they arrive at her home they discover her body.

The Deal
Dir: Son Yong-ho (1st Film)
Cast: Kim Sang-kyung (Memories of Murder, 2003), Kim Sung-kyun (Nameless Gangster, 2012)
Production: MiiN Pictures
Distribution: Cineguru
Filming Dates: 2014-05-15 ~ 2014-09-18
Release Date: March
Genre: Crime-Thriller
Plot: A detective who lost his sister and man who lost his wife to the same serial killer team up to hunt him down.

Empire of Lust (working title)
순수의 시대
Dir: Ahn Sang-hoon (Blind, 2011)
Cast: Shin Ha-gyun (Save the Green Planet, 2003), Jang Hyuk (The Flu, 2013)
Production: Fine Works/Keymaker
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2014-04-01 ~ 2014-07-15
Release Date: March
Genre: Period Romance
Plot: An epic period actioner of love, betrayal, and revenge set in the early 14th century – a period between two dynasties that seethed with chaos and greed.

Dir: Lee Byoung-heon (Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, 2013)
Cast: Kim Woo-bin (Friend: The Great Legacy, 2013), Lee Joon-ho (Cold Eyes2013), Kang Ha-neul (Mourning Grave)
Production: iHQ, Inc.
Distribution: Next Entertainment World (NEW)
Filming Dates: 2014-07-28 ~ 2014-11-08
Release Date: March
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Plot: Three friends turn 20, an age where they can do what they want, fall in love with whom they please, and experience new opportunities.

Dir: Min Kyeong-jo (Audition, 2008)
Cast: Ohm Sang-hyeon (The Road Called Life), Park Ji-yoon (Ghost Messenger)
Production: Hyoin Entertainment
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Filming Dates: 2011-09 ~ 2011-11-24
Release Date: March
Genre: Animation
Plot: Based on a Kang Full webcomic about a school filled the characters with special abilities. Premiered at Busan Film Festival in 2014.

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